About Me

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I have always been thinking of ways on how to earn money from my passion for photography. It was difficult to compete with so many talented photographers who do weddings, portraits, and photobooths. But when someone inquired on my personal website portfolio if I can do erotic photography, I got curious as to how many photographers are in that niche. I took the gig and got paid really well. I did some research, and some people are looking for these types of photos for whatever reasons they may have. So, I revamped my website and contacted some leads who are willing to do shoots with me. The rest was history.

I started selling erotic photos online and make money from it. So, I wanted to give back by sharing my knowledge with the niche to anyone who are starting in the industry, hence the website, laurenwerkheiserphotography.com.

Use the articles as guides, references, and as templates if you are ready to take your erotic photogaphy skills to the next level, and start making money online!